Who is wyclef jean dating

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In 1997, he released his debut studio album The Carnival.

The first time Jean laid eyes on Lauryn Hill: Lauryn Hill and Jean met when the two were still teenagers (Jean a senior in high school and Hill a freshman).He made his debut theatrical film appearance in the Jamaican crime film Shottas as In April 1996, Wyclef made his TV show debut in the comedy and music series, Showtime At The Apollo.Wyclef has a pretty disciplined and consistent workout routine, which has kept him in good shape even after crossing 50.“I didn’t care about any of it; I only cared about killing Fa Fa’s killers…I had all kind of guns and weapons at my disposal and my only mission became putting Fa Fa’s killers underground.” Luckily for the murderers, Jean never found a trace of the killers or his friend’s body. While attending a Catholic grade school, Jean was suspended for saying in class that, at one time, the devil was one of God’s angels (which, as he points out, is true according to the Bible).“That wasn’t right, so I decided—and my brother Samuel Jean agreed to help me—that I should blow up the school.” Their weekend attempt to destroy the buildings of their school failed however, due to a faulty grasp of how bombs (or science in general) works.

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