Who was brad pitt dating in 1992

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At that time William Bradley changed his name a little bit.

When the inexperienced Brad Pitt came to Hollywood, he started working as a driver.

The next few years the creative biography of Brad Pitt was added by such roles as the drug addict and procurer Billy in the drama "Too Young to die", the thief Jay Di in "Thelma and Louise”, where he starred in a bed scene without doubles with Gina Davis, and a carefree musician in the biopic "Johnny suede ".

Brad Pitt reached an amazing growth in his acting career in 1996. The picture is based on real events and brought the actor huge fame.

A guy grew up in an ordinary religious family of Americans.

Brad's father William Pitt worked as a manager in a large cargo transportation company, and his mother Jane Etta Hillhouse was a teacher.

He starred along with already very popular favorites of the audience Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise.

But it did not stop Brad from winning women’s hearts.

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