Whos dating simon cowell

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We've done three seasons of [American Idol: The Search for a Superstar (2002)] and by now it is safe to assume that most people know that you have to be able to sing. The great thing about it is when you start seeing it in places like China and Afghanistan. Susan is the biggest entertainment story this year [2009]. In her day, Madonna was one of the most innovative artists in the world.

But people turn up who can't sing a note and yet they believe they are the Second Coming. Someone said to me recently, "You're like a human buffet table. It's the biggest phenomenon I've ever seen out of any of my shows [Britain's Got Talent (2007)]. She had that instinct to know what producers to work with, and how and when to reinvent herself.

Simon Cowell was born in Lambeth, London and brought up in Elstree, Hertfordshire.

He is the son of Julie Cowell (née Josie Dalglish), a ballet dancer, and Eric Selig Phillip Cowell, a music industry executive.

If you would have asked me what I thought of America before I came over here I would have used the word "corny". Things might have gone really well and then I torture myself. Everyone comes and takes something from you and, at the end, there's nothing left". [thinking back on Susan Boyle's star-making audition] I felt the audience getting restless, smelling blood even. Broadway and Hollywood are possibilities for Susan. She is a legend, but now she's a mother and a wife, she's respectable.

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The latter has a funny little smile, or a weird kind of bravado.

[2010] When living in Elstree as a boy, he rubbed shoulders with Roger Moore, Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Bette Davis and Maureen O'Hara.

He even sat on Davis' knee while she learned her lines.

Having worked in the music business for 35 years, its probably the funniest business on Earth.

When I watch Top of the Pops (1998) now, I don't find anything funny in it anymore.

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