Whos t i dating

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Get clear with yourself and then you can be 100% clear with potential relationship partners.My first thought was that, like most men, he just started dating you because he was attracted to you and liked you and didn't think about much else.Even more wierd supposedly being a pretty smart guy and with a dad that's a doctor. Anyway , looks like your gonna have to talk about all this stuff sometime soon, but l guess there's also always adoption too maybe or other things you might be able to look at together if things work out. because he wasn't opening an honest dialogue about kids or finding out your view ... The people I know who are older and want to have kids ... I think I'll have to leave the decision up to him as to whether we continue dating or whether he continues his search for women who may likely be more fertile than I am.

No of course not , it's really weird that he doesn't seem to realize all that stuff. Well, at 43, he is older than average, far older than average. He's been looking for the right match for about the last six years, and in that time certainly didn't find a younger woman who wished to date him, however I suppose that could happen at any point moving forward.

He maybe cannot attract these younger more fertile women, so is hoping to find a nice 40 woman to have his kids...

42 is not too old and if they do hurry up the relationship as many do, then it may be possible to start seriously trying before the OP is 43...

Yes this guy may not turn out great but at least she can say she tried, not that she was out dating others when she should have been concentrating on what she had. You can have this frank conversation if you want to but whatever you do whether you continue to see him or date other men please show an unapologetic love and acceptance of yourself. Some of its tactless thinking out loud uncalled for type of honesty and sometimes it’s an excuse and sometimes it’s manipulation and/or a lie.

Don’t let what a man says make you insecure about yourself. Sometimes they say one thing yet play themselves by falling in love and staying anyway lol and sometimes they don’t stay.

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