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WICD (which a number of us have noticed looks a lot like it should be pronounced “wicked”) can build provisioning packages that can be used to automate manual configuration of devices.

This can really come in handy in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and new PC scenarios. The ADK setup file, adksetup.exe, is a stub file that you use to download only the parts of the ADK that you need.

I scimmed the man for wicd, wicd-wireless-settings.conf, and wicd-manager-settings.conf, and none seemed to say how to enable encryption.

badapple:/home/ant2ne# apt-get install wpasupplicant Reading package lists...

I will warn you that some useful settings get hidden if you change the view from All settings to Common IT Pro settings, so be aware of that if you’re looking for a setting that you can’t find.

Key Largo/Pangea Mac I/O00.0 USB Controller: Apple Computer Inc.

Key Largo/Pangea USB00.0 USB Controller: Apple Computer Inc.

But changing any of those settings didn't allow me to connect.

There is a "WPA Supplicant Driver" drop down box, currently set to wext.

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