Wildest cam

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Usually a second 360° camera is employed to record the car's sides front doors and windows and inside.Also, 4G is used to send message when car battery is low.Dashcams usually use class 10 or above Micro SDHC or Micro SDXC cards usually 16 GB or higher or internal memory to save videos.The port to connect the GPS antenna can use a micro USB or 3.5 mm jack connection.

The G-sensor ensures that the dashcam makes separate recordings.4G triple-cam (also called triple-lens and three-way-cams) sets on rearview mirror are becoming more available (2 front cameras - one 170° to mainly record road, one 360° for sides and doors and a rear camera).4G is used to send messages, calls, pictures, and videos in parking surveillance mode.Dashcam units usually operate via the vehicle electrical system, converting the 13.8V to a 5V USB connector.Dashcams can be plugged in via the cigarette lighter socket, or may be hardwired directly into the electrical system, freeing up the power outlet for other uses. Thousands of videos showing automobile and aircraft crashes, close calls, and attempts at insurance fraud have been uploaded to social sharing websites such as You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Yandex, and other websites. While dashcams are gaining in popularity as a way of protection against distortion of facts, they also attract negative attitudes for privacy concerns.

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