Worst dating video cats

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Sharon Hecox - Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig - Boxman - Teleporting Fat Guy - Benny Jean - Sergeant Anous - Billy Hamburger - Peter Peter - Cletus - Food Battle News Reporter - Stevie - Pokemon - Courtney Freaking Miller - Brianna Boho Antoinette Padilla - Stephen - Mr.Pondo - Anthony's Mother - Sadie Padilla - Lou Ferrigno - Adrian Hecox-Hendrix - Vader - Justin Bieber - Stevechen - Bob Roberts - Dr.while recording a vlog after nearly 3 years of dating.They had made plans to get married on October 10, 2015.He was so bound to Kalel that he would ask her approval for pretty much every aspect of his life, and he claimed that she all but destroyed his self confidence.Kalel's manipulative attitude is the original reason that Anthony became a vegan, and did so many other things that she liked.

They became engaged on June 29, 2013, but released a video on December 4, 2014, stating that they had broken up.

She and Anthony dated from October 10, 2010 to November 2014 (as stated in their official break-up video).

Before she dated Anthony, Kalel had two You Tube channels, Kalel Cullen TV and Queen Beeuty.

After their break up she took over Watch Us Live And Stuff, removing all videos from the channel and rebranding it as her current personal channel.

The name was changed to Kalel Kitten, and then to simply Kalel while still using the original URL.

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