Wpf listview observablecollection not updating

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In this article we'll talk about how to render check boxes inside a List View.You can use this feature for example, for presenting a list of options to ends users and allowing them to select one option or multiple options.Let's add a class View Model, with an Observable Collection of Persons, which we pre-populate at construction time. In the "startup" code of the application, we instantiate a View Model, and pass it as the Data Context to the View, in this case, the Window.This will allow the View to have access to data from the View Model.Right now, it just shows the original list so I think I need to trigger a sort of Refresh on the view to get it to "reload".

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On click event for the button we just need to loop through the check boxes change the Is Checked property to true.

The second part declares that the data should be displayed calling the Last Name property on the items in the list.

If you don't do this, by default the display will call "To String()", which is typically not all that great.

If you run the application, the list should be populated, and whenever you select a person in that list, it will update the selected person in the View Model, and display the first and last name in the view.

I can't seem to find anything on this that relates to my issue.

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