Xbox 360 media library not updating

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In other words, it lets you change the title of the codec used to compress the file you want to watch.

A list of these programs can be found on the TVersity download page - Each decoder can decode a different format, for instance, Quick Time Alternative can decode files while FFDshow can decode .divx/compressed files and 1 and 2 files.

Having a number in here may cause a conflict with the router resulting in your computer not showing up anywhere, this even means you might not be able to use your internet connection.*Note - The second point may even solve any network conflicts you are having.

By having this obtained automatically, you are letting your router do the work for you rather than doing it yourself.

Once you have installed this program, enable the "TVersity media server" in the start menu.

Now open the TVersity GUI (program) and go through the transcoder settings and change them so that it suits whatever console you have. bit rate, connection type, wireless/wired, resolution, etc Now, turn on the Xbox 360 console and go to the Media blade (blue background).

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