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It is for the best, for the spam had spread everywhere.Yahoo chat rooms started life as a Java applet, chugging along in Netscape Navigator 4. But all messages went through Yahoo's servers, so they could fix it server-side: block the attack by rewriting the messages before sending them along.Support for chat was later added to Pager, their native app, which did its own chugging in Visual Basic. So Yahoo replaced the troublesome opening bracket .Initially, Pager had custom text rendering, but then they replaced it with an HTML view. Pager didn't escape message contents, and so it was possible for a message sender to coax the recipient into displaying arbitrary HTML - even fetching images off the web. And more than a decade later, this methuselan workaround lives on: Yahoo chat was not as full of sexually unfulfilled college girls as the spam bots would have you believe.

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Here are three funny stories from the Yahoo chat protocol.

But they had a good run, operating for a decade and a half, an Internet eternity.

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