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Comprehensive exams are looming, dissertation deadlines are quickly approaching, and I’ve needed a bit of help getting through this end-of-school slump.

So to start, you create a Sim who becomes the matriarch of your family.

It’s Mat Pat (u/matpatgt) from The Game Theorists and Film Theorists on You Tube.

I spend my life overanalyzing video games, movies, and TV.

If you weren’t able to tell from the very descriptive name of the show, every episode features Kelsey attempting to complete The 100 Baby Challenge.

After all, I don’t think you can call it Senioritis anymore when you’re, like, in 100th grade. By indulging in a little You Tube show called Catchy title, I know. Should I start with the basics, in case you somehow have been living under a rock and have never played the magical time-sucking game that is is a sandbox-style game where you basically just make people, give them jobs, have them meet other people, have babies, and go about their everyday lives. When I don’t play for a while, I miss it, but I also have to watch myself because if I allow myself to play it, I will 100% not get anything accomplished for weeks. Enter the delightful Kelsey Impicciche and her show on the Buzz Feed Multiplayer channel on You Tube.

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