Youtube mr frazier video dating

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Subsequently Frazier has obtained several patents in Australia and other countries for this lens as well as for other similar inventions relating to optical systems.

An important issue relating to Frazier’s patent application in the United States is that Frazier did not follow proper application procedures which later led to some critical problems.

According to the contract, Frazier’s own film company, Mantis Wildlife Films (Mantis), gets a set fee for every Frazier lens that Panavision makes, and, when Panavision rents them out, a percentage of the rentals goes to Mantis.

Until the late 1980s Jim Frazier was shooting wildlife films for David Attenborough.

Panavision was licensed to produce and market the Frazier lens.

“The deal was that Panavision would patent the device, at their cost, but that I would own the patent”, Frazier said.

The intro of this episode involves Niles trying to press a small wrinkle in his trousers while at Frasier's apartment.

The scene lasts perhaps 5 minutes and is completely without dialogue.

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